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General Accounting

>Recording of Sales Bills/Vouchers/Cash Memos, etc.
>Recording of Purchase Bills/Vouchers
>Recording of Payments through Bank/Cash/Advices/Transfers
>Recording of Receipts through Bank/Cash/Advices/Transfers
>Recording of Debit and Credit Notes
>Recording of Journal Transactions
>General Ledger maintenance
>Fixed Assets Ledger maintenance
>Accounts Receivable service
>Accounts Payable service
>Accounting of Accruals
>Accounting of Prepaid Expenses
>Running of Month-End Processes
>Running of Year-End Processes


>Bank Statement Reconciliations
>Receivables Reconciliations
>Payables Reconciliations
>Fixed Assets Reconciliations
>Reconciliation of credit cards
>Reconciliation of Daily Sales summaries
>Reconciliation of BAS Accounts

Receivables and Payable Management

>Generation of Bills
>Preparation of ageing of receivables at regular intervals
>List of accounts payable with ageing

Inventory Management and Control

>Recording of Transactions from Bills, GRN
>Recording of Transactions from Sales Invoices