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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for Australian accounting firms in meeting their accounting, tax, compliance  and  audit needs. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around three core principles of Cost, Capacity and Continuity.


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Keeping costs under control may not be the only reason to outsource, but it is the key challenge that every firm faces in today’s environment. With Backoffis as your partner, you can convert your fixed costs to variable costs and release the capital to grow your revenue base and focus your resources on higher margin services.

Our clients have observed immediate savings from day one. In addition to this, with us as their partners, they have also reported on going savings in IT/infrastructure costs, training and recruitment costs and other ancillary administrative costs.


There is an acute shortage of good local talent in today’s accounting arena. Not only are small to medium accounting firms having to compete with global practices to attract good talent but with attractive wages being offered by certain business sectors, retaining good in-house staff is a constant challenge that all practices face. The nature of accounting workload is such that key in-house talent spend most of their time doing routine compliance work and not enough time taking workload off the senior management or partners. This problem is accentuated in peak periods or when key in-house staff depart.

Backoffis is a solution to your capacity constraints. Our 350+ global partners around the world not only enjoy efficiencies in their work but have found a way to shift their focus into higher margin and client driven activities. Almost all our partners report a higher staff retention and satisfaction rate. With Backoffis, our partners have the added cash flow to renumerate, retain and employ key staff.


Most small-medium practices simply cannot afford to match the resources of large practices. This lack of resources is a critical factor in not only peak periods but also when trained staff leave. In addition to this, many firms lack resources to grow and strategically plan their future. As such, decision makers generally spend unnecessary time dealing with in-house issues and reviewing routine compliance work. 

Backoffis is a service provider with a breadth of capability, scale and an excellent track record for success that you can trust in the long run. Backoffis can offer you an ongoing access to knowledgeable and experienced staff, allowing your firm to gain a competitive advantage through utilising our scale.

With almost a decade in experience in outsourcing and a 24x7 global delivery network, our operational excellence will improve your bottom line performance and allow you to implement best practice solutions.  

Backoffis – Your answer to Cost, Capacity and Continuity.